How to make my android phone more faster

Well we guys love to use phones and cell phones have taken place  of one of the most important gadget in our life, tell me if I'm wrong and now we just don't use cell phones but now we addicted to smart phones and super phones as well. Now we all can see most of smart phones using android operating system. Android phones are really trendy these days and in my opinion android is the most cool operating system I've ever used in phones after apple iOS
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These days we all use android phones we love playing games on our android or trying a new funky application we always do something new with our android phone and if we use so many apps on our phone sometimes it got stuck the reason behind this is simple The RAM in mobile phone is very limited most phones are loaded with 500 MB of RAM. Even though iPhone also have same amount of RAM but don't get slow or get stuck because the apple make both hardware and software for their phones so that's why they use hardware devices like memory chip and processor like A5 chip according to their software that can give the best performance and apple use a kindof different RAM memory device that is bit more expensive but that's worth it, unlikely in android phones the hardware developers us different party and software developers are different party so unlikely iPhones android phones can not provide us that kind of performance but it's only the speed and memory were iPhone left android behind otherwise in so many fields android is running neck to neck with iPhone. Now in this post I am going to tell you that how to speed up your android phone with just simple tweaks. This simple settings going to freed your RAM memory which is used for unnecessary applications and services. Some people prefer factory setting to make their phone faster but unfortunately after some time same story repeated again their phones start getting slower and it gets stuck so often so factory setting is not solution with we are looking for. Now Let's start first switch off your phone then on after that goto settings then go to applications afterwards click on running services then you need to close all those services that you can close some services may not close in first try so try to close them 3 or 4 time after closing all applications that you could go to task manager from menu and then clear the RAM memory and you are good to go your phone is speeded up one thing you need to keep in mind that don't feel your phone with garbage we all love to download new application and games but only keep those application which you really like or you really need un-install those apps that you don't used always clear RAM and close services that you don't use this will extend your battery life and phone speed.

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Good start keep it up

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